1. A Soulmate, in the truest sense of the word, is like a mirror to yourself. You look at them and relate so closely it is like looking at yourself sometimes.

2. Soulmates find friendship and closeness of vital importance. They don't just date you to impress others, for your looks or money. What is on the inside of you is genuinely important to them and they are always curious to hear your thoughts on every topic.

3. You will laugh together a lot, in your own little world. You will always have running jokes together and secret understandings.

4. With just a glance you know intimately what the other is thinking in situations. They don't have to voice their opinions, you know them inside out, sometimes from the very start.

5. Even if the romance ends for any reason, you will seek to keep it amicable and try to be friends - if not at first, you will float back to each other eventually as friends and still have each other's back. You genuinely want this person to find happiness, even if you feel jealous of their new partner. You would move the world for them.

6. Soulmates change each other on deep levels; they nearly always bring the best out in each other.

7. Soulmates know when the other is going through a difficult time, and feel their pain. Whilst pain is shared, so is happiness when the other is ecstatic about something in their life.

8. You were probably 'destined' to meet, and agreed to this meeting before birth in your Life Plan. Though you may not be meant to be forever, each of you will leave a massive imprint on the other even after moving on.

9. Other people may not understand your closeness at all, having never been with a soulmate themself. The very close bond you share can bring out jealousies with other people who begin to feel left out. Others like friends and family can fear being replaced, sensing how deep the bond is. A close soulmate relationship can make others panic and bring out strange behaviour in them you haven't seen before.

10. Soulmates can trigger issues in each other, and can arrive so as to teach each other important lessons. The natural understanding between soulmates should help to cushion the lessons and issues. Only if there is very difficult karma or past-life energy involved does it become too difficult for soulmates to stay together.
11. Your soulmate should accept all of you and support you. If you have one that tries to change you (this happens), then perhaps they are immature or this could be the lesson you have come to impart - the lesson of accepting someone for who they are.

12. Your sex life will be very satisfying for the both, intensified by your common understanding for each other. It will be a spiritual union, above what you have had with others if those others were not also true soulmates.

13. You will have endless things to talk about because you just love talking together; if anything that is the best part. They will trust your opinion and you theirs. One of you will probably be the teacher, and can help to slowly raise the other or impart a higher or more spiritual view.

14. They have your back in any situation. Even if you break up or are in a big fight, they will help you out in an emergency or be there for support when it is really needed.

15. First thing in the morning before showering or makeup, a true soulmate finds you absolutely beautiful. They don't notice when we aren't at our best, in fact they may even love it. Just one look in the eyes is all it takes for you to know you are fully accepted, loved and sexy. We want to look good for them, but when we don't, it doesn't really matter.

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