1. Strong Intuitive Feeling

You guessed it, we begin with our intuitive feelings, those strong feelings that come from nowhere and pass on information to us (usually from the Higher Self). We don't like to ignore these glimpses of information, as usually they feel so close to us.

Such a feeling of familiarity may occur around another culture, country or people, who seem strangely familiar even though you're missing an exact memory. For example, I feel strangely familiar when I think of Greece, and especially the white buildings by the sea and the relaxed lifestyle, yet I can't remember being Greek. However, the feeling hits me every time such as I don't get when thinking of other cultures.

2. Dreams That Pass Along Information

You may have one or several dreams of living in the past that can seem very strange or provoke memories for you. The situation or location may be very familiar even though you've never visited in waking life. You may be having familiar conversations with people or recognise people in the dream as well. These dreams are difficult to forget, especially when it's a recurring dream you experience often.

We seem to know when these dreams are about a past life. Where do they come from? It's very tantalizing and most times they indicate some kind of past life experience.

3. Past Life Regression

Not everyone will have tried this technique yet having a specific regression to see what past life comes up can be very interesting. In my regression, I was living in England over a hundred years ago even though in this life I've never traveled there. If you are unsure, or would like to experience a memory of a past life, why not try regression with a friend or specialist to find out. The memories are fascinating and something new is always learned.

4. First Hand Memories

Of course this is a very definite way to knowing you have lived before, although usually only children recall these kinds of memories, the rest of us having forgotten our prior history as we grew older.

For parents, it's a good idea to accept stories from your children who have easier access to past lives. Write them down or encourage your child to remember. A child may say to you, "Remember when I was mummy and you were the baby?" This may sound like a silly game but who knows, maybe they do remember this. If you dismiss it too fast, you discourage them to explore this relevant part of themselves and dismiss it likewise.

5. Deja Vu

There could be some truth to the idea that deja vu (the feeling of having lived an experience before) is connected to past life memories. I used to get deja vu all the time when I visited Japan some years ago. The whole land was just so familiar to me, but more like I had lived there before modern roads or buildings. The feelings were so weird, familiar and strongly like memories. This could indeed be a sign that you have experienced a country or place before. Try to tap into such feelings when traveling.
6. Recognition Of Places

Others might think you are mad but what if you simply know a city, town or even a building inside and out yet have only just arrived for the first time. This is not as uncommon as you might imagine. 

I've heard accounts of people being able to precisely retell where rooms are in a building, or are in a town, yet in this lifetime it is all new to them. Had they already lived in the house, or in that ancient castle, hundreds of years ago? Then there are others who can navigate through a town and they don't know why. We may keep all kinds of memories even though we have forgotten the personal facts of a life. We remember the structures that remain.

7. Retro-cognition

This is the ability to remember past events that are recorded in history, or even witness them in flashes or visions, or even dreams. Maybe you never heard of an event yet you remember where it happened and maybe who was involved. You could describe it, even down to the clothing worn. 

Visions are a part of clairvoyance, yet you may look backwards into history instead of into the future. Reading history books may bring back many memories. Is there a period of time you are strongly affected by for no other reason you can tell? For me, I get strong feelings when thinking of Sumer - an ancient civilisation.

8. Pronounced Skill Set

Some people are child prodigies or possess an amazing skill that seems to come from nowhere, yet this is a sure sign that they lived a past life where they learned this skill. What is your skill set or highest talent?

We actually all have skills we are good at; things that come naturally. For me, I love to talk about spiritual subjects and seem to just know a lot about it; yet I never question it. When I think of it, it must mean I have done this before because it comes so naturally. I don't possess this with other topics. In this same vein, some people are natural musicians, writers, possess sporting skill from a young age, are science whiz kids, and so on. We perfected this in a past life and are simply carrying it forward.

9. Fears And Phobias

Point #9 is very interesting because many people have fears that my not have stemmed from events in their present life; meaning the fear originated in a past lifetime where some kind of trauma is stored. If serious, a person may even possess an injury or pain from that lifetime in a certain area of the body. For example, someone who died in a fire may still possess an injury in the same area as a bad burn. It isn't until the experience is released from that life that their present body can heal.

Often, the best way to overcome fears or unexplained pains is to try a 
past life regressionand ask to go back to the relevant time period. Once you can remember exactly what happened, and remember/release the trauma, those fears or injuries can resolve leaving you feeling a whole lot better.

10. You Feel Like An Old Soul

You have a strong feeling that you're an old soul and feel like you have been on earth for a very long time. When you feel this way, it is probably true.

In a way, most of us have had past lives on earth, but ALL of humanity have had innumerable past lives elsewhere, i.e. on other worlds. We are all one family.

If you do not have earthbound memories, you may in fact remember a different world entirely - which would make you a 
starseed. About 200 million people on this world are starseeds, many here for the first time. If you find planet earth odd in a way you can't come to terms with, or you really don't fit in here, it might be your first time here, in which case you are here to help this planet. Many old souls are having their first lifetime here right now, due to the interesting times we live in.

These are the 10 signs of past lives and no doubt you resonate to some if not all of them. Have fun remembering your past lives.


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