Thanks to the increase of clarity, concentration, intuition, imagination, and even psychic awareness, the third eye bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual world, even if its opening is not not an easy feat.
To understand the power and energy of the Third Eye, there are seven centers of energy in your body - each of these centers align along your spine corresponding to different parts of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. .
The third eye is directly related to the 6th chakra - the psychic chakra, located in the middle of the forehead, just between the eyebrows.
Biologically associated with the "pineal gland," which is responsible for the production of serotonin, a derivative of melatonin, the Third Eye activates when exposed to light.
Nicknamed "the seat of the soul," where the mind and body meet, the Third Eye is responsible for the expanded state of consciousness, similar to a psychedelic experience.
Although the third eye remains unexplored largely by the general population, its long list of benefits makes the spiritual journey worthwhile.
Contrary to popular belief, the activation of the Third Eye brings tangible and practical benefits, such as:
·         1. The concentration
·         2. Insight
·         3. Happiness
·         4. Intuition and determination
·         5. Dreams of real and lucid appearance
·         6. Improving the quality and quantity of sleep
·         7. Increasing imagination and creativity
·         8. Unblocking mental channels to boost productivity and efficiency
·         9. Activates the "visualization of the aura" - the ability to see energy

Opening your third eye with meditation: tips and guidelines

The opening of the third eye can be easily accessed through meditation. No matter what meditation you choose, the next method to stimulate the third eye is the simplest and most effective guide - you only need patience, confidence and discipline.
·         1. Use your favorite meditation technique to relax and let go.
·         2. Continue to breathe, relax, until you feel that you are fully in meditation.
·         3. Start to visualize a candle in front of you
·         4. Stay focused on the candle and do not let it go.
·         5. The goal is to stay focused on the candle, whatever happens.

Throughout this meditation, you will naturally visualize the candle in the area of ​​your third eye.
Be prepared, it's easier said than done. The human ego will have difficulty accepting this discipline and will try to distract you as a defense mechanism.
Never insist on the "good" candle or the method of imagination.
With enough attention and dedication, the candle will eventually manifest itself - just be patient.
You will know when you have found your third eye; a natural euphoric buzz will signal you.
This symptomatic "buzz" is an indication of your body as you enter a state of high spiritual understanding. Congratulations, you have opened your third eye.

To increase the intensity of the opening of the third eye, extend the experience and add variety to your practice, try these options:

·         - Add essential oils to your practice
·         - Start Sungazing (fix the sun during the first 15 minutes of sunrise and the last 15 minutes of sunset to stimulate your pineal gland)
·         - Meditate and sing on a regular basis (meditation is a muscle, you have to use it regularly)
·         - Integrate crystals known for their meditative properties
·         - Massage yourself with magnets (stick an adhesive magnet on the skin above your third eye for a few hours a day to stimulate and decalcify your third eye)


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