I find the quality of sleep that I get today way better than what it was a couple of years back. It’s the same scenario for the majority of us.
Well, the sleep industry just like other industries has not been left behind by the technological revolution. Research too has had a hand in the improvement.
We sleep better, thanks to research and technology. In fact, science has been used to prove that your dreams can be determined by your sleep position.
There are three primary sleep postures we take at night:
– The Soldier or The Back
– Side Sleeping
– Sleeping on your tummy
Now, according to science, the type of dreams you experience will depend on which of the above postures you take.

The Soldier Or The Back Position:

Scientists believe that taking the back position exposes you to many risks. Primary among them being:
– Breathing related disorders such as Sleep Apnea and snoring;
– It could lead to back and spinal related problems;
Such issues arise when you don’t position yourself well. They also affect the intensity of your dreams often leading to nightmares.
Sleep apnea and snoring have an impact on the quality of sleep that you’ll receive and consequently the type of dreams you get.
It’s further been proven that when experiencing nightmares, the likelihood of remembering them in detail is also small.
Therefore, next time you wake up feeling petrified and can’t recall the details of the bad dream, you can blame it on your back sleeping.

The Side Position:

I’m among those who sleep in this position, and I find it to be quite comfy as the majority of us.
Side sleeping is the most popular position for sleepers. It’s sometimes referred to the fetal position.
There are those who sleep facing the right while others face the left side. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Plus, they both have a different effect on your dreams.
Left Side:
Similar to the back position, you’ll experience some bad dreams in this position.
However, you’ll be advised to sleep in this posture if you suffer from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or heartburns.
It’s because it places your stomach below the esophagus which prevents acid reflux.
Sleeping on your right when suffering from such will affect your dreams. You’ll feel as though you’re swallowing a ball of fire, which obviously can be horrifying.
Chances of remembering the details of your nightmare are also small.
Right Side:
Right side sleeping is the best position for having sweet dreams.
In this position, you’ll be comfortable sleeping and experience restful sleep.
Because of the quality of sleep, you’ll not have any bad dreams.
The highlight being you’ll recall the details of your dream.

The Stomach Position:

The stomach position is the least recommended because of the dangers it poses. You place weight on your chest, and if you’re not well positioned, it causes breathing problems.
You also risk injuring your neck and back. Also, placing too much weight on your tummy causes discomfort.
However, when you want to experience erotic dreams, this is the posture to take. It stimulates such dreams when you sleep on your stomach.


There’s no denying that the sleeping position we take influences the dreams we have in one way or another.
Through research, science has shown that when we are restless or have trouble breathing, we experience intense bad dreams as in the back position.
The amount of pressure we exert while sleeping, on the different body parts also affects us like in the stomach position.


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