The guardian angels, who are they? What do they transmit? They are invisible beings responsible for accompanying human beings to protect them, to prevent them from certain dangers or to inspire them with ideas. They accompany each of us throughout our lives, and send us silent messages. It's up to us to learn to see them, to read them. Discover, below, some forms of silent messages of a guardian angel .
How to recognize the silent messages of a guardian angel? This is, for example, a book that falls before our eyes and opens to a specific page. On this page, if you take the time to read, you will find an answer to a question that was asked just before. It's a phone call from a friend when you feel sad. It is a sum of money that falls unexpectedly and saves us from a real mess.
To get silent messages from a guardian angel, the most logical thing is to ask a question, or make a prayer, to talk to your guardian angel. He will answer instantly or in the day; at the best opportunity, he will send a sign. We must be attentive to decode their silent messages because often they are subtle and symbolic. The medium is able to decipher their signs, their silent messages. Because the medium knows the esoteric symbols.


·         A white light or a beam of light, a spark, stars that appear before us when we seek an idea or help, a comfort;
·         In the same idea, all kinds of objects that reflect light so that we get out of our thoughts when we think of problems that concern us;
·         A red light warns of their presence;
·         Flashes of white or multicolored light when we have our eyes closed;
·         A street lamp that flashes;
·         An unknown person who will answer curiously a question that you put yourself mentally;
·         A child who smiles at you;
·         The presence of an angel or a loved one who died in a dream
·         The feeling of someone helping you warms you up when you are sad;
·         A bird flying near you, singing when you pass, or looking at you;
·         An unusual reaction of a cat or a dog;
·         A feather, a coin found by chance.
Your guardian angel can communicate in many ways. He can do it through what is called the silent messages of a guardian angel, and this through your dreams.


 A glimpse into your life and yourself: your guardian angel can send you messages during dreams that are designed to help you better understand your own attitudes and behaviors and how they influence your life, so you can see that who is healthy and what needs to change. Your angel can also send messages that highlight your interests and talents to help you determine the best way to pursue your goals.
  Healing: Through healing messages, your guardian angel reminds you of the hope of healing the pain and hurt of the past you have suffered. Indeed, it can draw your attention to situations you have in your past and then give you a vision showing you how your life can become better in the future if you place your trust in him and in yourself.
  Creative Ideas: Your dreams can contain creative ideas in your guardian angel's silent messages that are designed to inspire you, motivate you to pursue new adventures and goals, and help you solve your problems. It is important to note these ideas after waking so you can remember them and then put these ideas into action in your life.
  Warning: If you are facing a dangerous situation, but you do not know it, your guardian can send you a warning message about it through your dreams and show you the steps you can take to protect yourself .
  A prophecy: Your angel can sometimes send you prophecies through your dreams , but only if it can really help you (like what you need to do to prepare for a future event).
  Encouragement: When your guardian angel sends you encouraging messages through your dreams, these silent messages will either build your trust in who you are or help you discover and achieve what you can do. Your angel can help you discover your true worth.

A very powerful tip to follow: every time your guardian angel visits you during your dreams, after waking up, the first thing to do is to take a piece of paper and a pen to note the details. You have to write there all: the conversations, the smells, the clothes of the people who were present in your dream, etc.
In this way, you will be able to interpret your dreams and understand what your angel is trying to tell you.


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