15 spiritual gifts already present in you that you tend to ignore

We are all already aware that we have some spiritual gifts, yet we tend to constantly forget about it and underuse those gifts.
Here is a list of small activities you can do right now to develop your spiritual gifts:

1. The wisdom of your inner voice

We very often let our reason prevail over our inner voice. When you are confused about an action plan to take, listen to your body, especially the belly area. When your belly says "no," you will feel a tightness in your stomach, whereas if he says "yes" he will be relaxed.

2. The power of your outer voice

For many of us, tension builds up in the neck and throat, inhibiting our ability to use our voice with confidence. Take the time to sing your favorite song every day, singing and laughing to release tension out of the body. Also think of the daily breaths with the sound. Try this: Inhale with your "V" arms over your head and exhale with a long "ahhhhhhhhh" slowly slowly increasing the volume.

3. The deeply connected silence

Do you feel lost or confused about a decision? Hiking in nature and being quiet for a few hours will allow the deepest answers to find you. Take the challenge of stopping along the way and staying still to open your silence.

4. Conscious breathing

Whenever we think of breathing deeply, we stimulate the nervous system "rest and digestion" and we go out of the panic mode "fight, flight, freeze". In conscious breathing, we reduce stress and anxiety and invite calm. As mentioned above, we forget every day, every hour, to breathe deeply. Try this, for a day, set a timer to turn off every hour. Let the ringtone remind you to take three breaths and long breaths. Become aware of the calming effect of your breathing.

5. Your eyes

Wandering eyes mean that the mind is wandering too. Take the challenge to stay connected with your eyes on others. For fun and concentration, try to keep the tree posture while fixing a particular place for a minute, several times during the day, your eyes will be more focused.

6. Evolve through the entourage

Many of us have the "lone wolf" mentality when it comes to improving. We think, "I have to solve this myself." Imagine the people in your life as a personal growth tool belt. There are so many people around you waiting to be there for you, call them for advice. As a first step, brainstorm a list of 12 people you'd like to get closer to, then schedule appointments with them individually. Try to see a friend at least once a week to maintain and strengthen your openness and connection.

7. Enter the tool belt of your friends

This goes hand in hand with the previous donation. You are part of someone else's community, someone else's tool belt. Reach out to a friend The best gift that we can offer is often to be there and listen to a friend and make him understand that he has been heard and that he is not alone.

8. Volunteer

Selfless service makes you feel good. If you do not volunteer for part of your time, could you, for one or two hours a week? Try to volunteer for the soup kitchen, in a retirement home, in an animal shelter. It will fill your heart with compassion and joy, and your time will be well spent.

9. Your work

If you are currently working, whether you like what you do or not, use your current job as an experiment lab to see what activities you like to do. Over the months, years and careers, you will be able to do more and more what you love.

10. Your happiness

What do you like to do? Write five activities that you like to do on a sheet of paper and put it on the wall where you will see it everyday. When you do things you love, you create more joy and increase your self-esteem and you have more energy to dominate the world, in joy!

11. Your aches and pains

I'm talking about both physical and emotional pain. These pains help us to have more compassion for ourselves and more empathy for others. Our pain simply means, "I need attention." Try this for two minutes: Draw your attention to a physical or emotional pain that you currently have and blow your breath away. Let the pain soften with each exhalation. These moments of self-care will reverberate in your life, increasing your bonds with others.

12. The story of your life

It's amazing to grow old. Each year, you get 365 days of data that allows you to see trends in your beliefs and behaviors. With this information, you can make better choices. Watch your story with wonder and gratitude, then bring that wisdom into the moment to make better decisions.

13. Your scenario

You write the story of your life since your birth. You can realize that you are not just an actor playing the story, you are also the author and the producer! You can change the story and its meaning to serve your highest purpose. Write the story of a hero.

14. Your creativity

Help a friend create a slogan for his business, compose songs at random while you do the dishes. The goal is simply to create, without focusing on the result.

15. Your alignment

It's about looking at the whole thing. It is the meta-consciousness that combines body, mind and spirit. Your task is to pay attention to your alignment and take steps to regain your place of power, joy and concentration. If in doubt, return to this list and see what is not activated.


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