The symptoms of energy change have changed since last year for many people.
As we undergo the initial phase of a wave of energy as never experienced before, the body must adjust itself to be able to resonate with the frequency that the Earth receives.
Those who have been on the road to enlightenment for some time are experiencing new symptoms with this new wave of energy.
Basic symptoms of energy change (ascent) include things like  ringing in the ears, intense sweating, dizziness, forgetfulness, depression, and waves of nausea.

It seems that most people who start to switch to a higher frequency experience these same symptoms physically.
Lately, many people report a lot of similar advanced symptoms, which means that those who have already had their time with the basic symptoms they never thought of ending, are now living a whole new phase.

Some advanced symptoms of energy change include:

§  Extreme lethargy (having the impression of being drugged);
§  Intestinal pain and intestinal "explosions";
§  Bad mood, when you are supposed to be "happy";
§  Voracious appetite or no appetite at all;
§  No motivation to do anything;
§  Either insomnia or sleep all the time (no average of eight hours). Sometimes, however, 3-4 hours of sleep is enough the week after you may need 12 hours of sleep;
§  Irritated throat;
§  Itchy skin or even rashes.
Can you see how this climb needed to evolve on what we know as linear time?
When we accepted this mission, we knew we could not handle all the energy changes at once. It would have killed the physical body. If you are like me, you feel like you've already died several times in this life. It all seems like an endless process, but when we come back on our journey, we realize how far we have come.
Now that my basic symptoms of energy change have decreased after four solid years, I do not feel the intensity of advanced symptoms. 

In other words, I chose to have four years of change compared to some people who lived in a few months. I have rarely had a headache in my life, but a month or two ago I had very mild headaches. Some people have migraines.
They can be debilitating, and I recommend that you ask your companions to help you adjust the severity so that you can at least function. Most of the time your body lacks certain vitamins or minerals that would help reduce the severity of this symptom.
I used to have horrific night sweats and hot flashes. It's not like menopause, many men also know this phase. Mine lasted several years. My body was detoxified by increasing body temperature and sweating, and I needed to have a cooler temperature to feel more comfortable. Now, it's very rare that I live any of these episodes.
I had a state of extreme lethargy for two months, and it can last up to two weeks later with the impression of having no motivation for anything.

The intestinal explosions experienced by some begin with severe abdominal cramps, then we go through the toilet box. Although this may be triggered by certain foods, it releases blocked energy in more than one way. Toxins accumulate in the walls of the intestine and they are not compatible with the new energies. Anger and negative emotions are also stored here. This place is also associated with the solar plexus that is actually affected at this time.
I also had a voracious appetite. 
I wanted some food and I was attracted to foods from the land like organic potatoes. I had to expel this information when I learned that starch turned directly into sugar in the body, resulting in weight gain. I am convinced that my body knows what it needs to go through this phase.
Organic eggs are also a good source of protein for several months now, I do not get tired. I went through a time when I wanted to have fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, and a half avocado for two weeks. People were crazy to see the amount of fat in that meal, but I loved eating those strange combinations of foods.
If we had really studied all the different vitamins in the food I wanted, we would understand why we are rushing on one thing and then going on to another obsession. I have noticed that if you give your body what it needs, the symptoms of ascension can diminish over time. You can still live some of them, but they could be much worse.
All people will have different symptoms. 
You may or may not live with these combinations of symptoms right now. If you have any, then know the others too. If you do not know any symptoms like this, do not think you're not on the calendar!
You may have taken care of your body so well that you will not need to experience many of these symptoms.
It is important to know that everything is going exactly as it should. If you do not treat your body with respect and you do not listen to what you want, without judgment, some of your symptoms may be a little extreme because it tries to make you understand that you have to listen to it.
In the end, it's all about vibrations. 
We are now in a month where the waves of energy are stronger than ever. All the symptoms experienced in the past have prepared you for this period. We have literally done something that has never been done before in a climb because we are progressing in a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental detox at the same time while remaining in our body. Our level of consciousness is increasing and our DNA is reorganizing thanks to the wave waves we receive. When you look at what's happening before you, the symptoms of energy change seem to be worth the trouble.
Do you experience symptoms of energy change?
Share your experience in the comments section below.


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