The number 11:11 (most often seen on clocks) is a very powerful symbol that is often encountered before or during a twin flame meeting, or as a preparation to what is coming. It is a symbol that can convey other meanings as well, especially if one is not aware they have a twin flame.

When I look back on my meeting with my twin I never noticed such a sign, yet this was probably because this was over twenty years ago and we were not yet discussing numbers or signs so often. The twin flame phenomenon is so powerful in and of itself that you would have to be blind not to realise it was occurring. So such signs are not strictly necessary. But we love signs, don't we? We are becoming more savvy to spiritual symbols and their meanings. Maybe back during my twin flame experience there were signs aplenty, but I didn't notice or need them. It is nice, however, when the universe sends a message of confirmation - just to say, "Hey, this is spiritually important and you are on the right track."

Oneness & Mirroring

The number 11:11 is so neat we can hardly resist it. Firstly, there is a message of oneness in it. The number 11 is a set of two 1s, like a couple together, standing in union side by side. A twin flame union. Then we see it mirrored so that it is more catching to our consciousness. It is not a coincidence that it looks like a gateway. It could represent an initiation, or going up a higher level of growth - especially in this case, relationship growth, if we ride that train. But also deep personal growth. The 11:11 is a starting point, an awakening, a way to get to where we need to go. At some point, most of us meet our twin flame and this is like an initiation into our own soul.

11:11 is exactly like a mirror image of itself. How can we see ourself best if not through our own exact other half? Do you need to notice how beautiful you are, how unique, how wonderful? You may meet your twin just for this lesson. You can become so blinded by the wonder that is you, but I'm talking about that Other you that is standing there before you. You can see all of your own traits in them, both good and bad, and you have to wonder. It's like coming home; or its like, "oh now I remember, there's another me." And its very nice to have this because it makes you feel stronger but also like you belong in this universe. You're not alone, no not at all. There are two of you! You have more power than you thought, and the universe feels right, like it now fits so much better. We don't have to stay with or marry our twin, but just knowing that indeed there is a mirror, there really is a true 11:11 out there for all of us, is wonderful. It is like God didn't forget, God really did get it right. LOL.

Despite the issues we go through with our twin flames, nothing can dissolve the oneness, the 11:11 in both hearts. Its kind of comforting. We go through a lot of soul growth, sometimes intense and sometimes less so, with our twin. There are always lessons. They may treat us in ways that others treated us in the past so that we can finally learn the meaning inside of that. We change them also, in ways we'll probably never even know. If you want to learn a very hard lesson, or very painful lesson, doing it with your twin is the easiest way. Even though it is intense, you still always feel kind of safe, like they are family, soul family, so it is ultimately okay.

My twin prepared me for future life experiences with others who were similar to him. I thank God I endured the same issues first with my twin, so I could survive it when it came up with others. It was so easy to traverse those issues a second time around. I often wonder if my twin did this as a favour so I wouldn't suffer with it. Although it felt anything like a favour at the time, some lessons made me much better equipped to deal with the rest of my life that much easier. 

11:11 is such an equal number. It says to me, "What's mine is yours". And this is true too since the lessons we learn are shared, on a higher level, with our twin and our soul family. Soul growth goes to all in that soul. 11:11. It is surely a wonderful sign to see.


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