Do you know what someone just thinks when looking at him? Have you ever been able to read in someone's mind or know what they felt before they spoke?
While this may be intuition, there may be another force at play. This force is known as telepathy.
Telepathy has been defined as direct communication between minds. It is believed that there are three different types of telepathy:

Instinctive or earnings-based telepathy

This type of telepathy is most often experienced and felt between family members, close friends and even with animals.
In fact, the animal kingdom uses instinctive telepathy as the main form of communication and survival.
As its name suggests, instinctive telepathy is most closely related to intuitive gifts and often intuitive people naturally possess this telepathic ability.

Instinctive or feelings-based telepathy is based on the  third eye chakra  or the solar plexus chakra and can be manifested as a "visceral feeling" or simply as knowledge.

Mental telepathy or mind-to-mind

This form of telepathy is the most real form of telepathy because it involves the transfer of thought between two conscious minds.
It goes beyond people who only know what you think and is actually a way to have a conversation with images, symbols or words without saying anything out loud.
Using this type of telepathy, messages can be communicated across parts, countries and even in other galaxies or dimensions.
This type of telepathy uses the crown chakra which is the center of telepathic communication.

Spiritual telepathy or soul-soul

Spiritual telepathy is the highest form of telepathy and may be similar to mediumship or channeling.

Basically, this involves using your mind as an intermediary between the physical and spiritual worlds.
It is for this reason that to attain spiritual telepathy one must be connected and aligned with all the chakras.

Using spiritual telepathy, a soul can send information to another soul. This information can be received consciously or unconsciously.
Usually spiritual telepathy occurs between  twin flames  or members of your  soul group  .

Spiritual telepathy can also be used to communicate with spirits and those who have disappeared.
This type of telepathy can usually only be received through a certain type of meditative state or dream.

How to improve your telepathic skills

No matter what type of telepathy you are interested in, the best way to focus on your gifts is to use mediation, crystals and creative visualizations.
Some crystals are good for sending telepathic messages and developing your skills such as apophyllite, blue lazulite, herkimer diamonds, angelite, blue calcite, cyanite and others.

When it comes to crystals, it's important to remember that each crystal will work differently with your vibration, so use your intuition to choose the right stone for you.
Regarding meditation and visualization, here is a rough guide that you can follow:
1.  Close your eyes and sit down or lie down in a comfortable position. Take 10 deep breaths while inhaling and exhaling.

2.  When you are ready, visualize your body in your mind. Start with your feet and travel through your body by visualizing your energy fields or chakras being free and clear. See your body free and clear and aligned with a white light.

3.  Once you reach the top of your head, continue to visualize the white light that extends from your head and into the heavens. Keep visualizing this so that you can clearly see the light shining above you.

4.  Meditate on this image for about 10-15 minutes, allowing you to receive thoughts or information. You can also recite a mantra such as  "I am open to receiving messages from my soul"  .

5.  Once you are more advanced with this mediation, you can begin to reach specific souls for advice or messages. You can also use this to reach your spirit or the angel guide's messengers to see if they have information for you.

6.  When you come out of the meditation, do not forget to give thanks to the beings you have met and keep your light open at the top of your head. To do this, you can visualize a "safety net" over your head.

If you are looking to develop telepathic abilities with a specific person, you can do this meditation together and experiment by sending messages during meditation.

There are many ways to improve your telepathic abilities , but hopefully it will give you a good idea of ​​where to start.
Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below!


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