Ascension is a lifting of personal vibration to a higher, more refined level, so what are all these symptoms we are going through in order to get there?

Ascension is planet-wide and is happening to all of us. We are all literally moving out of the old world and into the new. We are becoming lighter, kinder and more spiritual as we move into a new and higher dimension. Our DNA is also altering to accommodate this shift into the new world, changing so that we may carry more light.

Below are some of the symptoms we may experience as we ascend. We may not be able to avoid most of these but overall it won't be too bad.

1. Achy Pains & Physical Discomfort

We all know what its like to get small, or sometimes larger pains that seem to come on for no reason. We visit a doctor but there seems to be nothing wrong with us. It could be back pain, the neck, the arms or where ever we tend to hold stress within us. It may come and go but we certainly don't know really what these pains are.

The best thing to do if the doctor can offer you no comfort, is to relax and try a little natural healing to fix these. You may try meditation, yoga, reiki or anything else to get rid of it. Just relax and don't tense up too much over this, because it is temporary and shouldn't bother you too much in the long run.

2. Energy Flowing Up Your Spine

Many people are experiencing strange energy flows to do with opening our body to new levels of energy flowing from Divine levels. As our bodies open and acclimate to higher levels, we should feel from time to time energy flowing up our spine, or entering in through the top of the head, or even energy flowing out of our hands or other chakras. 

You might be feeling spaced out or ungrounded as well during this. Sometimes your limbs can move as well, especially the feet can jerk in strange ways as electricity channels in through them and up into your body. The best thing to do during this is to relax and just let it happen. It is all part of a process and something that we need to endure to get where we need to go.

3. Headaches

Headaches can occur especially if you are unwittingly a Transmuter for others. Many people are releasing a lot of negative energy and many of us are transmuting or cleansing this back into the light. If you are prone to these types of headaches, I find that coffee is a great way to cope, as in the caffeine content. Also garlic capsules are very good rather than using asprin. You may like to try meditation or using amethyst as well.

4. Unusual Emotions

During Ascension we can be prone to experiencing all kinds of odd emotions that aren't seemingly tied to anything in our lives. Other emotions can be tied to things from our past (meaning a past life that we are still working to get over).

The best way to deal with all of this is to breath through it, sit down for a while or have a rest, if you can. Simply feel what is going through you and try to release it. It could be sadness, depression or even a lot of anger. These feelings will pass. We are all processing old stuff but it can come and go. Let it move through you and then let it go. Don't hold on to it.

5. Strange Sleeping Patterns

There will be times when you can't sleep, and then other times when you are sleeping quite normally. It will probably go in blocks that last quite a while. 

The reason for not sleeping is probably due to integrating any healing work you have been doing during sleep. There may be a few hours when you can't get back to sleep, or even until morning at times. I find the best way is to get out of bed and watch television - it is usually so boring that half an hour will settle me back to sleep.

6. Becoming More Psychic

You will surely become more psychic or sensitive during this time, and this is natural and to be expected. 

Do you talk to angels and do they talk back? Maybe you will start picking up energy from others, either in an empathic way or psychically during the day. You may begin to have some visions of what could happen in the future. All of this is quite normal. Some people will find it natural and others may be a little careful of it, wondering what it all means. 

If you are reading this page then you will probably be okay with becoming more sensitive to energy and reading it. Many will grab the opportunity by trying to increase it and become more able to read for themself or even others. There are many things one can do to increase psychic awareness. Play around with it and see where it could take you.

7. Relationships Will Alter & Change

Our relationships with others usually change when we begin on an Ascension path. We are all ascending at different rates and levels, and some of us are fully aware of ascension whilst others try to hide from it. This is okay but it can have an affect on relationships, making them change or alter in some way.

Many of the old relationships we have with people were based on manipulation in some way and you will be moving out of this old energy and into the light. When people try to manipulate you, it will simply bounce off. You may find that you are avoiding people or letting them go from your life, and this is okay. There are plenty of other people you can find eventually who will be on your own level of ascension. 

It takes time, so relax and breath. Focus on what you have now and where you are going; it will okay in the end.

8. A Whole New Awareness Arrives

This part is fun and may encompass a whole new learning experience as you start to read more, using the internet and talking to new people about all kinds of things. Ascension is a big deal, but it needn't be lonely at all. There are so many people online who are going through their own stuff. Buying books, visiting great sites and talking on message boards may be some of the new activities you are now doing.

Your whole feeling about life including your diet may change radically as you begin to ascend. You will probably try out all kinds of diets or natural therapies as you go. You could get involved with crystals, meditation or yoga to name a few. Perhaps you wish to spend more time outside in the garden, or less hours working. Whatever it is, it will be about enjoying life, taking your time and being less aware of what the media is saying or other sources are telling you. 

You will begin to listen to yourself and not others, especially the media. Everything changes slowly as we all begin to ascend and soon there will be disclosures to the public about many issues that have before been covered up. We have a lot to look forward to and enjoy with each other. Happy Ascension.


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