1. Become A Whole Person

This is the most important condition, and the following points describe how to do this. Make a list of the feelings you want to get out of finding your perfect partner. Do you want to feel more secure, more successful or more popular? Do you want him to add something you are missing into your life? The qualities you wish to find in a partner as the ones you need to be working on right now for yourself. Once you are more complete in yourself, you will attract the right soulmate for you.

2. Healing Past Relationship Hurts

If you carry wounding from a past relationship, you may have some homework to finish off here, for we need to heal up past hurts from other relationships that failed in the past. Is there a memory that hurts to think of from a past lover? It might be time to go within to look at certain issues that were painful and to discern, without placing blame, who caused the issue and who was at fault. 

3. Forgive & Love Yourself

You have to love you before anyone else can, so learn how to forgive things about you that may have been difficult in the past. Some of us judge our appearance, for example weight issues, and some of us judge past deeds or personality traits. Right down a few issues you have with yourself and figure out positive ways to forgive them. You can even use affirmations to help get there, like: "I forgive the weight I carry and I love myself completely." Really work on loving ALL of you. Then when you meet Mr Right and he is loving you, you will be that much easier with it.

4. Live A Full Life!

You want to live the right life for you, including all the activities you love to do, so its no good just sitting around putting off a great life waiting for your soul mate to come along. Life is so full of activities and interests so there must be several things you would love to do. Its important to keep seeing friends and getting out there. You can also take quiet time to balance this activity or full living. You want to achieve a balanced life and simply keep believing that you can have someone, the one you want.

5. Belief Is Important

Strangely, you need to believe that such a happy life is possible and that such a wonderful man exists. Do you have blockages in belief or think it may be selfish to want what you do? Perhaps you feel you aren't good enough, or doubt that such a man that you need actually would want you. There are all kinds of doubts that can block the basic belief that you deserve this and you can manifest it. Once you can break these blocks then a new life is waiting for you.

6. Releasing Expectations

We may have expectations about the kind of person we are looking for, and when these expectations are too rigid it can block the right person from appearing. For example, perhaps you want a skinny blond woman with no children, but what if your ideal soul mate has brown hair and two kids? She may be exactly what you need in your life, yet if you are hung up on blonds you may turn her down. The better expectations to have are about traits, like expecting an honest person who is confident and kind. You are more likely to meet the right person this way.

7. Let Go Completely Of Old Lovers

Sometimes we may be trying to move forward but sabotage ourself by thinking or spending time with old lovers, those who we know are not our future. This activity is fine but know that whilst we are with an old lover, and constantly thinking about the past, we tend to put the future off until we move on. If you are caught up in such a relationship, why not let it finish naturally first before attempting to attract a new soul mate? You will want to end things naturally and then completely cut the romantic cords. Once all past romantic cords are fully cut, the universe is free to manifest new blood for you. 

8. Send the Message Out There

Before we meet our soul mate, often we come to a point where were are sending energy into the universe to make it manifest. Its a natural state that comes to us when we begin to imagine someone living with us, and we imagine what it would be like. This is a powerful energy that contains no doubts. When you are ready, you will naturally do this.

9. Let It Go

Put your focus elsewhere whilst you are looking. If all we think about is a new partner, we can actually send out "desperate" energy that tells the universe that we aren't ready. At some point, we need to believe that the right person will come and, without worry, think about other things. This is the healthy way to attract someone and we won't feel as desperate either.

10. Clean Out The Clutter From Your Home

It's a good idea to make room in your life for a new person before they arrive. I don't mean clear a shelf for them or empty out your draws - going that far isn't necessary. I mean generally de-clutter your house so this person will feel more at ease. 

If you have a very messy or cluttered house, with objects strewn all over and cupboards overflowing, the universe may feel you have so much going on and decide you aren't ready. Spend one or more weekends going through your possessions and throwing old things out or sending them to the opp shop. You can do this one room at a time. This will in effect organise your entire life and you will mentally feel a lot clearer after this is done.

11. Be Genuinely Happy

It's true what they say; it's when we no longer care desperately and we stop looking for someone perfect that they tend to come along. They often surprise us by arriving and, if this is the case, we are very ready to meet the new soul mate. When you are already fulfilled in life, feeling happy and wrapped up in the busyness that is your life, that is often when they come.

I hope this article has been helpful by giving the best ways to attract a true soul mate.


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