Here is a list of zodiac signs that possibly make the worst couples. Just a warning, you know.

1.  Gemini And Cancer
These signs prove why the saying “opposite attracts” can be a myth. Gemini and Cancer are two different poles. Especially Gemini’s who are twins make it hard when they’re with a Cancerian.
2.  Aquarius and Taurus
These two signs are just No-No.
It becomes a relationship where one tries and the other one just want to sit and watch the show. Yes, Taurus are the one who will keep trying but Aquarius are kind of lazy and they’re not more into trying to work things out.
3.  Aries and Taurus
Taurus wants explanation for everything and they are more likely to act like attention-seeker too. This thing annoys Aries and thus after few months, they look out for ways to ghost Taurus. (You know disappearing without saying)
4.  Pisces and Virgo
Virgo is not meant to be with Pisces and vice versa. Pisces are very emotional and they are sensitive in almost everything whereas Virgo are practical and they go on with what their brain think is right.
So, Pisces and Virgo are definitely not meant to be together.
5.  Sagittarius and Capricorn
Most importantly, these both signs cannot be together sexually happily. And that’s the top most thing that proves they are not-good together.
6.  Taurus and Sagittarius
Taurus will keep trying hard and are always low-key but Sagittarius cannot deal with this. Sagittarius always wants to have fun and enjoy their life plus they are good into “letting things go”.
That’s why when relationship ends ‘They let it go” whereas Taurus are the opposite.
7.  Scorpio and Aries
They share same interest but sometimes it gets into a challenging mode. And that’s why they both acts like competitors and not lovers. (Picture that!) It sucks.
8.  Gemini and Capricorn
Gemini’s are bad with the C’s. Gemini’s welcome whatever comes into the life but Capricorn plan everything from the start. This becomes so annoying that Gemini’s mostly looses their temper. Arguments…Arguments…it never ends.
9.  Libra and Virgo
Libra’s are good and they like to be who they are but Virgo’s are practical and they simply over think. They over-think so much that even Libra’s keep thinking what’s wrong? It gets so annoying that Libra’s lose all hope.
10.              Cancer and Aquarius
Cancerians can stay happy even when they are all alone but the happiness turns back to haunt ‘em when they are dating Aquarius. Aquarian’ wants cancer to pay attention towards them and if that’s not happening. How about a clash? 🙂
11.              Virgo and Sagittarius
Virgos and Sagittarius are two difficult sums to solve.
Sagittarius’ are careless and they take the relationship lightly but Virgos are not like that at all. Virgo’s want complete attention and someone who is careless is not gonna offer that.
12.              Leo and Scorpio
Jealously is the root of their relationship.
Scorpions easily get jealous and Leo’s can’t take that shit at all.
This were the 12 zodiac signs that possibly make the worst couples. Well, before crushing too hard, make sure you play a game to know their zodiac sign. 🙂


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