We all have both, of course.

Angels and demons, constantly chattering away in there. The universe is a sea of energy flowing constantly back and forth between dimensions. Within this universe, this energy carries infinite intelligence to and fro, creates our physical bodies, and stores all of our life’s experiences.

We are little radio sending and receiving stations. We are always in communication.

Messages come into our minds, and we respond to them.
But who is sending those messages?
Are they friendly?
Are they helpful?
Are they guiding us true?
If you’ve reached the point of recognizing that the voices in your head oscillate from many sources—and you understand that you are perfectly sane in thinking so—then you’re ready to activate your discernment.

A reader of one of my most popular articles on the internet asked,
“Sensing a wandering spirit around and sensing an angel/spirit guide are different in which way, as both are spirits or energies without physical form?”

A vital question!

12 Ways to Distinguish The Angelic Influences From The Demons in Your Head:

1.  A wandering spirit who attaches to your energy body (especially one of gangsta nature) will drain some of your life force.

2.  An angelic force or spirit guide or, as I call them, Cosmic CoAuthor, will bring a positive influence into your life.

3.  A wandering spirit is likely to say things in your head that are not helpful, and make you feel bad about yourself.

4.  An angelic influence will provide answers to long-held questions, might even solve the math problem you’re working on in school or at work, and will leave you feeling as if you were the smart one.

5.  A wandering spirit will try to get you to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do, like drinking more beer or bingeing on their favorite food (when they were alive), which they’re now deprived of, or taking up smoking.

6.  An angelic influence will give you the strength to change your lifestyle in positive ways.

7.  A wandering spirit needs you to fulfill what they can no longer experience.

8.  An angelic influence will never interfere in your right to choose, live, and grow from your experience.

9.  A wandering spirit (even a “nice” one) often doesn’t know how much harm they are doing, or how strongly they are influencing you, to your detriment and theirs.

10.                 An angelic influence knows far more than you do about interdimensional energy, your personal evolution, and your need to be independent of anything beyond their gentle nudges, whispers, and encouragement.

11.                 A wandering spirit needs help to move out of your energy field, to find their loved ones and their own spirit guidance, and to make their way into the higher worlds where they can receive help.

12.                 An angelic influence can help you to remove wandering spirits from your aura. Just ask. They know how to guide the lost ones home.

For your future protection, remember that if you think negative thoughts, that’s who you’ll be sleeping with, mentally speaking. Or if your head is full of selfish prayers or greedy, materialistic affirmations, that’s the kind of self-obsessed company you’ll attract.

If you can’t find enough impetus to protect your mind by maintaining your own happy, positive thought train, try this:

Studying the works or reading about the positive deeds of the planet’s great visionaries, whether in the arts, science, spirit, sports, music, astronomy, dance, technology, philosophy, or any field that interests you, will raise your mental frequency very quickly. You’ll soon be treading—and oscillating—with the angels!


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