BALM FOR BETTER cerebral circulation: is treated brain blood vessels and medication after stroke

In a pot of 3 liters empty –

half a liter of vodka quality,

 - 25 grams of cloves (spice) - 

add half a kilogram of sugar and three large or four small lemon - finely milled or chopped in a blender along with the choir.

All pour boiling water - to the top of the jar. Close the jar and leave it to rest for two weeks in a dark place. After two weeks strain the contents of the jar.


Drink 25 milliliters of balm three times a day, 15 minutes before meals, until you drink the entire amount. Then take a break of a week, and drink the balm from the other jars. Then again followed by a break of one week, and thereafter start to drink balm from third jars. This folk remedy affects the elimination of dizziness, contributes to the improvement of vision and reducing noise in the ears and better brain function. Treated blood vessels and brain after stroke cure.


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