Check out this easy video and learn how to turn an ordinary balloon into an extraordinary cellphone case in seconds. This life hack is perfect for anyone who is looking to score some protection for their phone without spending the money on an expensive case. It's also a great last-minute option for a night out. You can make on your own in seconds!

The possibilities for customization are endless: you can draw on it with a permanent marker to make it your own or glue on rhinestones or decals! For the more pragmatic types out there, there's plenty of room to write your name and home phone number (do people even have those anymore? Maybe your best friend's cell number would be better...) so that your phone can be returned by the good Samaritan who finds it on the bar floor.
The crazy part is that this DIY is so simple that even a kid can do it! Don't let your phone get ruined by bad weather or spills because this case is definitely great!


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