The genius surgeons saved the arm of one Brazilian guy from amputation by putting it in a so-called “pocket” in the inside of his stomach.

The doctors have decided to “bury” the hand of Carlos Marotti inside of his abdomen and after doing that they covered it with a protective layer of the skin, after he suffered a terrible accident at his workplace, when the whole skin from his right hand was torn off.
Mariotti (42) who lives in Orleans in southern Brazil will have to hold his hand for six weeks in his stomach.
Doctor Boris Brando  who operated Carlos said that the procedure which he performed was very delicate. The injury itself was very delicate too.
The patient survived the injury that left him a little skin on his arm by exposing his bones and tendons. There will be no infection and rejection of tendons and the tissue if his hand was in the stomach, according to Doctor Brando.
Carlos says that he is very happy that his arm was saved but the feeling is incredibly strange.

When the doctors told me that I could lose my hand, I was very sad and worried too. However, after the surgery, when i first woke up, they told me that my hand is inside of my stomach. I was shocked but this saved me. I had to move my hand very gently and slowly in order to prevent muscle spasm, explains Carlos.
Carlos works in a factory that produces plastic coil and the injury happened after the machine “sucked in” his hand.
He said that he lost two finger but he is very grateful that is not the whole hand in question. He said that he is happy because he can still be able to keep the fork and wear clothes without any help.
The doctor Brando says that he will always do everything in their power to save the rest if it is possible.
We immediately reacted and decided to do this procedure. We put his hand in his stomach and for 42 days, a new tissue should be developed. The patient however, will not fully regain the function of the movement as he did before the accident, but at least we saved the arm and with that he will have a better quality life then if we did an amputation, explains the doctor.


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