If you belong to that group of ladies that dream to have bigger breasts, and refuse to go to plastic surgery, here are a few natural solutions for you.
1.Fennel -This plant has ingredients that increase the level of estrogen in the body. The plant is rich with substances that stimulate the growth of breasts and increase milk production when breast – feeding.
2.Fenugreek – This seed effects the growth of breasts. Sink the Fenugreek seed in water and leave it to rest over night. Use this liquid for breast massage.
3.Burdock – This is a plant that increases the blood flow in the breast, improves the female reproductive system and helps with digestion.
4.Anise – This plant is usually used as a spice in different meals and recipes to improve the taste. It is also used for breast growth.
5.Pueraria mirifica – This plant comes from Thailand, and it has long been used for making wrinkle prevention cream. However, it’s ingredients are found in many cosmetic products that are used for breast increasing. The use of this plant makes the breasts firm and oval.
6.Sweet root – This plant increases the level of estrogen and prolactin which makes the breasts more luxuriant and with enlarged volume.


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